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Scientifically every child must have the talent to be a great Scientist. But non Scientific social behavior pattern from Parents, Teachers etc. make them Clerk. So we want to establish new era of Scientific Teaching so that Our Children expose their latent talent to be a creative person like great Scientist, Philosopher etc. For this our fundamental activities are counselling, Motivation, Motivational works, Research & Reformation.

We counsel –

  • To create attention in learning.
  • To be obedient and humanitarian with their Social relationships.
  • To free from global technological & cultural impression, drug addiction, corruption and others Social diseases.
  • To be loyal to state.


  • Highly motivate them to be confident.
  • Motivate them to create positive dream.
  • Motivate them to fulfil their dream.
  • Motivate them to be a creative person not to be a clerk.

Motivational works

  • Offering Scholarship.
  • Knowledge competitions.
  • Proper historical fact findings competition like Bangabondhu Ziggasa,
  • Bangladesh Ziggasa etc.

Research works

  • About Bangabondhu and National Four Leaders.
  • Social discrimination.
  • Social unrest.
  • Corruption.
  • Teaching-Learning Scientific Methodology.
  • Social behavior and Socialization.

Reformation works

  • Empowered Society.
  • Right base reformation.
  • Social and cultural reformation.

Future plan

Expand branches in all divisional cities in Bangladesh so that maximum part of children and young generation can be benefited from this organization.